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A Call to Action

  • Building a client base takes time
  • You have to be consistent and exert your efforts on the right things. We will talk more about core accountabilities in another video
  • Give the same level of importance to Your Brand as you do to marketing your product or service
  • Loyal clients that introduce you to others will come from build a relationship and developing trust
  • Get out from behind your electronic devices and be visible
# Point Action           
1. You need to create an elevator speech Watch for my video on the 30 second commercial
2. See what is available already for your product or service you offer on social media Do some homework.  Search by topic
3. What can you offer that is unique and adds value to your prospective clients lives Put together a list of what makes you unique?
4. How many prospects are you going to approach Set a goal and give it a timeframe.  A goal without a date is just a wishing for something to happen.
5. Research what Networking groups are available in your City Join a group, start with something like Business After Hours or a Rotary Club
6. Check out my other videos and blog Subscribe to my Channel and/or Blog

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