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Why have a 30 Second Commercial?

You only have 30 seconds to make a good first impression when meeting someone spontaniously.  Some refer to this as you elevator speech.

Know what you’re going to say before you say it: Take the time to memorize and practice your message. You need to be genuine, sound natural – not rehearsed. Think about the clearest and easiest way for you to get your message across to your target audience

Keep it short and simple.  It should only be 15-30 seconds.

Include one solid, easy-to-understand point with enough detail so that people will understand what you’re saying.  Something for them to remember you by.

Dare to be different (e.g. poem, use the tune of a well known song, use clever signs if appropriate, carefully chosen prop etc.) but only if it’s you.  Use humour but only if you’re funny (practice on someone who will be honest with you before adding humour to your commercial).  I often open with the phrase ‘I take the “if” out of life’.  If you are interested in what that is referring to then email me.  I’d be glad to explain.

Create a mental picture with your words.

Use a catchy or memorable phrase or tag line.

Have several commercials practiced and ready, and use for different audiences.

End with your name (and hopefully theirs!).

Ensure you continue to show interest in the other party. What do they do? (They may have a 30-second commercial for you!)

Download the attachment if you are interested in having a template that will assist you in creating yours… 30 second commercial Activity 1

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